Safe turnkey US real estate investment

Purchase of real estate in the states of Pennsylvania and Florida with a profitability of up to 25% per year


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    Selection of real estate

    We will take into account all your wishes in order to choose an apartment or house for your needs. You tell us the investment amount, the region and the state in which you want to buy real estate, and we select an object according to the specified parameters.

    We organize a safe deal

    On the acquisition of your real estate at all stages: we will create an American company in your name, we will acquire a real estate object through a certified US company for registration of transactions, we will make sure that the record of the new owner appears in the register of city real estate.

    We will help with the renovation of real estate

    If you decide to renovate or restore your property, we will provide a repair team, help with the choice of materials and interior design. As a result, you will receive a turnkey house, apartment or apartment.

    We will help with the search for tenants, check the tenant for solvency

    We will give recommendations for renting (monthly / daily / long-term), we will take over the complete management of the rental of your object with the provision of monthly reporting.

    We will take on the reporting of your taxes.

    Every year in March, our company's accountant makes an annual report for each investor. Indicates Income - Expense - Profit. Tax payments are made automatically from the account of the investor's company. The reports are sent to the investors of the objects in March - April.

    work with an investor

    Scheme of actions investor

    Step 1

    We help you to choose a property according to your criteria and the amount you are willing to invest.

    Step 2

    After the approval of the object by the investor, we sign an agreement and start checking the object for possible debts and encumbrances.

    Step 3

    We prepare the necessary documents for processing the transaction, for this we first help an investor to open an LLC company in the USA in his name and an account. Opening a company in America takes place quickly within 3-5 days. The cost of setting up a company is $500. The deal is carried out in the American Title company. And the investor gets ownership of an object.

    Step 4

    After the transaction, upon request, we provide an estimate and carry out the necessary repair work. There are objects where major repairs are needed, but there are those where tenants already live and repairs are not needed.

    Step 5

    We are looking for solvent tenants and coordinate candidates with you. After confirmation, we sign a contract and move in tenants.

    Step 6

    During the entire period of renting out the house, we serve the house. We eliminate the necessary problems, make cosmetic repairs if necessary and in agreement with you. The investor regularly receives rent and we, for our part, are always in touch.

    Step 7

    If necessary, we help with the sale of a house, and with the help of our approach, we help to sell a house at the best value.

    Step 8

    Get passive rental income and monthly reports on your property management.

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    real estate in the state


    real estate in the state


    rest assured


    • Real estate prices in the United States do not actually fall, but only rise, despite any crises and shocks.
    • You are investing in the safest sector - the real estate sector. You are buying real estate in ownership with a complete and transparent legal registration of your purchase.
    • You receive income from renting your property or its further resale in the hardest world currency - in US dollars.
    • You have professional support and assistance from PennInvest at all stages: from choosing a property to preparing a report for the US Tax Department.
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