7 Important Topics to Learn for Newbies and Experienced Real Estate Investors alike

Hello friends!
Igor Svechin is with you.

Today I would like to return to the topic of current knowledge in the field of real estate investing.

On the one hand, the process of investing seems quite simple. You have a certain amount that you are ready to invest in real estate.

You can invest on your own, or you can use a specialized company like our company Penninvest.

In any case, a certain fuss and throwing from side to side will help you avoid knowledge from the field of real estate investing.

Here are at least 7 topics for which you should purposefully search for information and keep your knowledge base up to date:

✔️ general principles and investment strategies
✔️ funding
✔️ deal analysis
✔️ assessment of construction and repair
✔️ search and conclusion of deals
✔️ property management
✔️ legal issues in the field of investment and ownership of real estate.

Pro Tip: Spend at least an hour a day on these topics and you’ll gain a competitive advantage over the other 90% of real estate investors.

Read books, visit specialized sites for real estate investment, communicate on thematic forums.

Knowledge is literally money. So I recommend not to neglect self-education in any case.

And if you can’t find the answer to some questions on your own, you can always ask it in the comments to any post on the channel.