American Corporate Services Law Offices, Inc. (ACS LAW) is a prominent law firm headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The company has representative offices in various regions of Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam and Mongolia.

US immigration law is federal – so ACS LAW clients can be located in any city and state in the US.

The total work experience of ACS LAW Attorneys exceeds 100 years.

Immigration to the United States is possible for the following categories of foreigners:

Workers – H-1B (skilled), R-1 (religious workers and ministers), O-1 (distinguished professionals) visas
Businessmen and investors – using USCIS business and investment programs. The most popular business visa is L-1, but E-1 / E-2 visas for traders and investors are sometimes the best solution for foreigners.
The EB-5 Immigrant Investment Visa provides Green Card investors 1-2 years after application.
Immigrant visas EB-1 / EB-2 / EB-3 are granted to qualified specialists (having a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree) Green Card after 1-2 years.
Refugees who are oppressed in their countries for political, racial, religious and other reasons.
Attorneys at American Corporate Services Law Offices, Inc. offer assistance with fiancé and fiancé visas, family reunification, deportation protection and other immigration matters.

Immigrants are essential to sustaining the American economy, providing labor to both the fast food and high-tech industries.

However, the immigration process is complex and must be carried out by a licensed lawyer and experienced in the field.

Our company is a group of experts and experienced professionals who deal with immigration processes day by day, who understand the complexities and subtleties of these processes. They can easily eliminate annoying delays and make the process quick and enjoyable.

Lawyers fluent in Russian, English and Chinese, ready to help investors, businessmen and other categories of clients with all legal aspects of the immigration process, while guaranteeing the competence and high quality of the immigration service.

Immigration lawyers will help clients understand their rights and offer the most rational solution to their immigration process, so that clients can make the right decision that will lead to the desired result.

For any information and with any questions – please call or email us.

American Corporate Services, Inc expresses its sincere gratitude for the interest shown in the company’s activities.

We have been engaged in business consulting and international tax planning for over 30 years and are recognized worldwide for the quality of our services and reliable partnerships. Today we have over 7,000 clients in the US and abroad and continue to expand.

Our headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, with branches in Nevada, Delaware, Washington, Florida and Oregon. We also opened representative offices in a number of countries in Eastern Europe and China.

Among the services we provide: registration of companies in the United States, obtaining an EIN tax number, opening personal and business bank accounts, advising on financial and accounting issues, registering trademarks and patents, as well as some additional services, such as legalization of documents and more.

For many of our company’s local and international clients, privacy is of the utmost importance, and in order to meet their privacy requirements, American Corporate Services, Inc. provides services of Registration Directors/Officers.


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– ACS – free Consultation on organizing and developing a business in the USA

– ACS LAW – 5% discount on services

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