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Helpie FAQ

  • What is the procedure for home ownership?

    After an investor contacts us, our manager selects, according to the specified criteria, the area and the exact address of the property. If there is an agreement from the investor, we fully check the house and prepare a preliminary contract of sale. We transfer this contract to a company that checks the house: taxes, debts and issues insurance (on the basis of which you can then make claims). After verification, the house is recorded in the name of the owner.

  • What happens to the house after the transaction is completed?

    After registration, this house is rented out. If it is necessary to make repairs, we help to find a construction team that will make repairs under our supervision. After the repair, you decide what to do with the house: rent it out for a few years and then sell it, or not sell it at all. It is important for us that the investor earns.

  • What is your company's interest?

    If there was no interest, we would not exist. We receive 10% from renting a house.

    From the sale of 5-7%. When selling, it is the seller who pays%, and not the buyer when buying. Our task is to bring more investors - then the company will grow. If an investor likes to work with us and he receives dividends, then he is interested in saving money and investing more. Some of our investors already own 2-3 houses.

  • Does a particular person become the owner of the property or the company?

    Your company becomes the owner of the property.

    During registration, we help to open a company in your name, which in the future will be the owner of the property. Those. You are the owner of the company and the company is the owner of the house.

  • How to determine the minimum amount that can be invested and try how it works? Soon?

    Our company enables investors to start investing with small amounts and profitably invest their money, receiving a high return on investment. One of the investment options is to profit from the rental flow.

    How does this happen? You invest any amount from $5,000 and more and get a return of 12-13% per annum in US dollars to your account.

    As you understand, this is a very high return on invested money, since in most countries this return is in the region of 3-6%.

    You invest money on the security of a part of a certain house.

    You sign an agreement with us, which indicates the share, details of the company, the address of the house in which you invest, and other conditions that we will approve with you.

    The term of the contract is valid until we sell this house.

    This investment option has a number of advantages:

    - You can receive interest payments regardless of whether the house is rented or not;

    - You do not participate in repairs, and other organizational issues related to the maintenance of the house;

    - All tax liability for the house on our company.

    - You also have the opportunity not to withdraw money, but to reinvest every three months and increase income accordingly.

    This home is your investment.

    The contract contains a clause that the sale of the house is possible subject to the payment of all dividends / return on investment.

  • What does your company do?

    We are a property management company. He is engaged in the search for attractive and profitable for investment objects of undervalued real estate in the United States. We help our clients to invest in these objects with a profitability of up to 25% per annum.

  • If no tenants are found, do I continue to pay your commission or do I only pay when the tenants are occupied?

    We are currently looking for tenants. As we find then we sign a management contract. We try to find them quickly so that the investor has already begun to receive income as soon as possible.

    We charge 10% of the rent for house management. And while there are no tenants, then accordingly you pay nothing.

    Tenants at the entrance pay three monthly rents, the first for the first month of residence, the second realtor, the third - security deposit. (safety)

  • How can I use the money from the rent? How to get them?

    When we open a company in your name, we simultaneously open a bank account in the name of the company. The owner of the company is the owner of the bank account. You yourself make the transfer (+ bank commission) to your name.

  • How do I deal with taxes if I am not a US resident?

    You pay taxes in America, but since we register a company in your name before buying a house, the taxes are much less. When buying a house: 0.5-1% of the value of the house. And every quarter: depends on the value of the house

  • Can I move to America if I buy a house there?

    For investors, there is an opportunity to obtain an investment visa. Depending on the amount of investment and the citizenship of the investor, there are different visas. We talk more about visas at a free consultation.

  • What to do if something breaks in the house?

    Our management company performs repairs in the house at the request of investors / landlords.

    In case of any breakdown in the house, a full-time master leaves for the location. His task is to assess the level of damage. If the breakdown is minor and resolved within 30 minutes, does not require an additional budget for the purchase of new materials, then such a visit of the master to the house will be free for you.

    If the breakdown requires new parts, then the master estimates the cost of the part, where it can be bought, what is the installation cost (1 hour of the master's work is 40 USD). A detailed estimate with all costs is approved with the investor. And only after that the wizard fixes the problem. Payment for repairs can be negotiated against the rent for the house.

  • Why investing in real estate in Pittsburgh and not another state?

    To date, real estate in Pittsburgh is undervalued by 2-3 times compared to the rest of America. For example, a house in Pittsburgh, which now costs $70,000, may rise in price by 1.5-2 times next year! This region is developing very rapidly. House prices here will rise for more than a year, but in the coming period it will be especially intense.