If once and for all…

You want to move to America. Start your business here, start investing or just enjoy life…

Hello friends!
This is Igor Svechin and that’s what I want to tell you right now!

From the moment you have the thought of emigrating in your head, to the moment you get one of the correct visas (which visa is the most correct – a little later) or to obtaining US citizenship, you will definitely have a lot of questions.

You will find answers to some of them on your own, but only specialists can help with some answers.

You have a great opportunity to listen to one such specialist, as they say, live.
We invited Gregory Finkelson, founder of American Corporate Services Law Offices, to our investor meeting today.

It is a renowned law firm headquartered in San Francisco, California.
The company has representative offices in various regions of Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam and Mongolia.

Gregory has immigration lawyers on staff who specialize in making your desire to immigrate to America become a reality in the shortest possible time, but as comfortable as possible for you.

Want to learn more about US immigration? 😉
Then I highly recommend coming to our meeting today!

I remind you. The meeting will take place at 19.00 Moscow time and Kyiv time.