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Investment process

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Step 1

Decide on the amount of real estate investment that is comfortable for you.

Step 2

Sign up for a consultation with our specialist.

Step 3

Choose an investment vehicle.

Step 4

Select an object for investment.

Step 5

Open with our help a company for which the object will be registered.

Step 6

Buy a property.

Step 7

Entrust us with the management of your property.

Step 8

Get passive rental income and monthly reports on your property management.

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Investment options


Purchase of a part of the rental flow from the company's tenement houses. Risks and expenses for repair, leasing, collection of rent and payments for utilities - on the Criminal Code.

The minimum investment amount is $5000. Investment horizon - 3 years Return on invested funds - 12%.

The possibility of reinvesting the accumulated interest - once a quarter.


Buying a house in the name of an investor from the current offers of selected MCs Risks and expenses for repairs, leasing, collecting rent and utility bills - on the investor with the assistance of the MC. The minimum cost of a house for April 2022 is 80 thousand dollars.

Investment horizon - 3-5 years Return on invested funds - 15% + income from the growth in the value of real estate upon sale (total return - 20-25%)

Accompanying service "selection of "Profitable House"

Search and purchase of a house that meets the criteria of an investor: location, taking into account infrastructure, number of apartments, terms and quality of repairs, potential for growth in value, etc.

Service cost - $1000-3000