Management of your property

We work so that you focus on your professional activities, hobbies and family and not waste time and resources on solving current issues and problems with your real estate.

Our principles of property management:


Timely informing about any events related to your home, about the results of regular inspections, or simply receiving a message that during the period of events did not occur within the framework of monthly reporting.


All our work on the repair and elimination of identified defects, and initiatives around the house, will be previously agreed with you, and only then carried out exclusively within the budget agreed with you, and not a notice of costs after the fact.


We will take care, and this is our direct motivation, that your house does not stand idle, but is rented out to the tenant and generates income, and we will start looking for a new tenant as soon as it is known that the current one is going to move out, taking full cooperation, including checking and processing the necessary documents.


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