Three Curious Real Estate Facts You Didn’t Know

Hello friends!
This is Igor Svechin.

Today I want to give you three informative and instructive facts related to real estate.

Fact #1. Super Mario

Did you know that the main character of the famous game about a brave plumber and his brother has a real prototype?

Super Mario got its name from the real-life businessman Mario Segale.

Nintendo once rented a warehouse from this businessman and overdue the rent. But Mr. Segale gave the company a second chance. In gratitude, Nintendo immortalized the name of their landlord in their game. 🔥

Fact #2

In Hong Kong, more than a hundred thousand people live in cage houses. These “houses” or “apartments” are actually real metal cages measuring about 180 cm by 60 cm. A bed can hardly be squeezed into such a room, but how something else is placed there is a question for the inhabitants of such “housing”. “. 😳

Fact number 3. The largest industrial “abandoned”

The Packard plant in Detroit is the largest abandoned industrial facility in the world. And it seems that there is no chance of its revival. 😕

Do you know any super interesting real estate facts? 😉